House Party

Assassins Creed III • PlayStation 3

While my heart wants to push ahead with Tomb Raider, my head tells me that I should finish AC3 before moving onto Black Flag on the next-gen, so I went back to Conner for a mission-or-two this morning to try and push ahead the story.

I didn’t think I’d get a trophy, but this one was pretty quick to pop after starting up for saving an ‘artisan’ and having them settle on the homestead. Whoo-hoo(!). I have a night on the PS3 tonight, so hopefully I’ll be able to finish a few sequences on the head and get this title out of my PlayStation library.

What is she doing?

Assassins Creed 3 Liberation • PlayStation Vita

It was inevitable that I was going to have a day where I would have difficulty getting a trophy. The fact that I’m posting this in the late afternoon is fairly indicative of today’s efforts. I pushed forward a bit on FC3 with no trophy, tried fruitlessly to capture another bounty in Stranger’s Wrath, hell, I even had a bash at New Little King’s Story, but my save data had disappeared so I didn’t have time to slog through an opening tutorial again.

So, I went back to the trophy list for AC3L but there was nothing that didn’t seem to be a grind. I hunted through the forums to see what was achievable. I had a crack at this trophy because I had unsuccessfully tried to shoot guards on the roof while dressed in the lady persona without the trophy popping. The web forums kindly directed me to the Assassins HQ, of which the balcony can be used to knife some baddies and get the silver trophy!

Hopefully I can make some better progress through Tomb Raider and FC3 this weekend, so there should be some quick achievements to score there.

Touch wood.

The Truth

Assassins Creed 3 Liberation • PlayStation Vita

So, I went back and killed all the ‘Citizen Es’ and this trophy popped this morning, but the ‘True’ ending I was looking for seems to have already played out according to the folks on this forum. For reference, the two I missed were in the Mexican pyramind and a shipwreck in the Bayou. I remember seeing them during the game but mustn’t have followed through.

It was a little anti-climactic, but it did give me an excuse to run around and knock a few diary pages and viewpoints on the head. I might finish up with both of those and the dressing table tomorrow.

Complete Aveline’s Story

Assassins Creed 3 Liberation • PlayStation Vita

I’m reliably assured that completing AC3L without killing all of the ‘Citizen E’s’ results in a ‘fake’ ending which makes this trophy pop. I’m not sure where I missed a Citizen E encounter as I pretty much explored every inch of the AC3L world (killing E as I went along), but I’m not too concerned – this just gives me a little task to try and accomplish over the long weekend.

I’m convinced that Aveline is one of the best Assassins, second perhaps only to Altair. Liberation is getting a HD remake for the PS3 which should bring her into the mainstream gaming vernacular, and hopefully this means we’ll see more of her (though I’m doubtful, Ubisoft seem to kill/cull the main characters of their biggest IP).

Bring on the long weekend!

Sequence 4

Assassins Creed 3 Liberation • PlayStation Vita

I have heard that the Vita incarnation of Call of Duty is notorious for its 5-6 minute missions and simple gameplay. It cops a lot of criticism for it, and without playing it I can’t really pass judgement. Nonetheless, the sound of COD’s simplicity is something that evaded Sequence 4 of AC3L, which saw me struggling in an Aztec build/dig site (I assume) with ad hoc instructions and, the bane of my existence, light-based and six-axis puzzles to solve, the latter which locks up if you suspend the game for a moment, resulting in you either restarting the checkpoint, or at worst, the game.

Nonetheless, I have done it (and should never have to do it again)! My progress on this game isn’t slow, Ubisoft have just done a damn good job cramming it chock-full of quality missions.

Sequence 3

Assassins Creed 3 Liberation • PlayStation Vita

I thought this morning might be a challenge to even get a trophy (posting this entry certainly has been – I had some sensational text written out on my phone which seems to have disappeared into the ether!), knowing that I was fairly pressed for time today – so I started out with a bit of FarCry 3, moved onto Remember Me and then settled down for a quick session of AC3L later on this afternoon. I would have put down my trophy for completing ‘Chapter 0’ of Remember Me down, but time constraints mean that this entry is short and sweet.

Oh, yeah, and I finished Sequence 3 of AC3L!

My 1st Dressing Chamber

Assassins Creed III Liberation • PlayStation Vita

I knew going in that AC3L had a female assassin, but scoring this for my first trophy is a little emasculating. I’ve sunk nearly an hour of gameplay into Aveline’s romp through New Orleans, and still, this is the trophy they give me!

The dressing rooms are a welcome change to the AC franchise, and work much better than the console’s ‘dye pouches.’ Aveline has, from what I can tell, three outfits or ‘personas’, including the ‘Lady’ (which most of the opening game is in), the ‘Slave’ and the ‘Assassin.’ A quick tap on the screen changes you into one of the three outfits, and you suddenly have a different set of skills!

This is a good addition to the AC franchise. The gameplay is much better than AC3 on the console and is reminiscent of the original journeys with Altair or Ezio. The soundtrack is great, and the story, so far, is one of the best in the series.

Obtaining a copy of AC3L was a pain though. Having visited my local EB Games (or Gamestop for the US), I found a lonely copy on the shelf at the rough price of $65! I have a real issue with Vita games being pricey, so I asked my friendly store clerk to check the price who confirmed that the RRP on the packet was correct, but they had a preowned version for around $25!

“Sold!” I said, and set the clerk to hunting the second hand copy. After scouring the drawers, she couldn’t find it, but she assured me that it was probably ‘out the back’. After a painstaking couple of minutes, she came back with the bad news that the computer and the ‘real world’ count didn’t match, and they didn’t have a copy! No discussion about a discounted new copy, no further assistance. Nothing. I left the store very cranky and giving serious consideration to cancelling my Watch_Dogs and Call of Duty pre-orders (I still might!).

Jumping onto the computer, I found a $20 copy on for a download code, so I locked that in and scored my code a few hours later. If bricks-and-mortar stores want to differentiate themselves with online retail by offering the greater customer service, then they need to start actually offering some! I always prefer a physical copy, particularly when it took me nearly three days to get the soft copy onto my Vita, but when I get a faster, cheaper and more friendly response from a computer, then I’m going to lock that in!

I’ll keep chipping away at AC3L with Aveline over the next few weeks. After all, it’s taken an eternity to get to her!

Criss Cross

Assassins Creed III • PlayStation 3

Now that I’ve got my gaming life back, I’ve returned to one of the Assassins Creed series and what I believe to be the final in the Desmond Miles trilogy (I can’t confirm that – I’m still only in the early stages of the game). This morning’s trophy was for the first in the ‘modern day’ chapters, which saw Desmond, essentially, climb a building under construction in New York and then … jump off it.

I’ve been a big fan of AC since I first stepped into Altair’s shoes six years ago, yet I couldn’t really connect with Ezio during AC2 and the subsequent expansions. A bit frustrating, given Ubisoft dedicated so much time to the Ezio story, but I am finding the same equal lack of connection with Conner in AC3 – the difference is that I don’t have another two titles with the Conner story to wade through.

The upgraded engine makes AC3 a much ‘richer’ (?) game to play, and the fantastic opening with Haytham is a lead that future game storytelling should take. I have another ‘three’ title sitting in my to-do list in Far Cry 3, so there should be a bit of variety in my gameplay coming up … interspliced with a bit of Grand Theft Auto V, of course.