AoM Forbidden Valley 1-7 Flicker of Hope

As it turns out, you can only use your ‘borrow a minion off a friend’ once a day, and so with a whole roster full of woefully underpowered heroes, I elected to mix up the path a little and head into the Forbidden Valley.

I didn’t think there was anything special about this fight – it was fairly evenly matched and both sides lost a person or two (though, obviously, I still had some standing at the end!), but my main takeaway out of this whole encounter was that I had completely missed the auto advance button on the left hand side of the screen. So, instead of trying to find the best attack/defend option on each round, I can increase the speed to 4x, let it auto-play, and I believe it’s going quicker than I’ve ever been able to get through a game that didn’t use an auto-clicker or a few player-friendly enhancements!

AoM Light Campaign 2-7 Valley of the Shadow

It’s been a few days since I last opened up Age of Magic, so imagine my delight when I logged on and got bumped to level 19 straight away. Lucky me!

Back into the throng of the fight, and this was a level that wasn’t shy about introducing quite a few enemies into the mix. The main antagonist for this level was a floating demon-like creature called an ‘Arekhon Shadow’, who was big, nasty, and did a good job of taking the focus – and the damage – off the rest of the group.

Of course, the whole fight was made a lot easier given I ‘borrowed’ a Level 41 Roland from a ‘friend’!

AoM Light Campaign 2-6 Paths of Righteousness

Well, this was a surprise. A narrative weaved in the main combat beats of the level, which was actually a refreshing pace for Age of Magic – given that a lot of the story had been the colloquial window-dressing, with a light-touch intro that prefixed each level.

This one was all about the introduction to Kharannah, and it was a nice to see some interplay between the characters. Some were honoured – literally – to have her join the team, while others dismissed her as another magic fanatic.

If Age of Magic had this sort of interaction all the way through, I have to say it would make a much stronger game.

Success in this level, unsurprisingly, nets you Kharannah for your team – and in my session, she pretty much had an armful of upgrades and gear to apply to her from the beginning. I only had enough coin to boost her to around level 11 or 12, but that should be enough for the short-term, or at least enough to see how she plays and what dynamic she brings to the team.

AoM Light Campaign 1-15 Fallen Lord

One of my favourite enemies in the game God of War is the Ancients, which are essentially creatures not dissimilar to this level’s ‘Last Guardian.’ He’s big and he has some sort of elemental vibe, but at the end of the day, he’s killable, just like anyone else.

With the battle all said and done, I reached the ending of Act I! Recognised by a delightful little spiel and some goodies to unlock with my new found wealth.

And so, our journey continues. Onward and upward to Act II!

AoM Light Campaign 1-14 Murk and Fyre

The team goes head to head with ‘Abaddon’ in this round, but – for a change – it does not end up with you obtaining Abaddon for your hero roster, instead he is just ‘gone.’

Abaddon tickles that bad guy vibe that you need in a proper game. He’s big. He goes up against a red backdrop nicely. He has a big sword. And, perhaps most importantly, he has a supernatural affinity for fire. It took me a couple of rounds to kill him without any team loss, but I got it over the line, and did a mad dash to the end of the Act.

Next stop, the Fallen Lord.

AoM Light Campaign 1-13 The Black Wastelands

Another new location, this one very red-and-glowy, but the combat was not all together difficult, and even a time-intensive battle is made easier with 4x speed on.

This level marks the penultimate battle on the Act I map, so it will soon be time to move location onto more robust enemies. It’s a good chance to try and flex my moves and naturally work my way up – but who has time and inclination for that when you can just burn through the lower levels.

AoM Light Campaign 1-12 Mountain Road

This was the level that prompted me to need something different for a little while, and re-balance a lot of heroes to be able to take on … well, this level.

In the end, I think the addition of a new hero plus some levels (I have most sitting between 10-15) was enough to get me over the line.

Now … let’s see how far past that line I can get with my current line-up!

AoM Valley of Treasures 1-6 New Trials

Another red icon level, but I discovered that the red loot reward are essentially just a type of ‘shard’, which I have no idea about if I’m perfectly honest, but I assume it’s an upgrade material of some description.

The battle itself was, once again, a three-round, filled-to-the-brim-with-enemies encounter, but I seemed to get though this one a lot smoother than some of the others in this world – so time will tell if that skill – or luck – lasts.

AoM Valley of Treasures 1-5 Secret Paths

Another level down, this time I only lost one hero, but I did notice there was quite a bit of scope to update some of my heroes for this round, so I suspect that I will need to learn how to pace out my games so that I have enough resources now to upgrade every few hours or so.

It is these ‘strategy’ elements of the game which I clearly need the most work on. I’ll persevere.

AoM Valley of Treasures 1-4 Essence of Magic

The icon for this round was red, and different to the others on-screen, so I thought this might have unlocked a new character or something special – but really it was just another level with more bad guys to kill.

One of the ‘possible rewards’ also has the same strange red icon, so it might be worth revisiting this level later on to make sure that I haven’t just fallen victim to a bad random loot generator, but for now – time to push on.