Mr. Roboto

Twitch • Add 5 channels to your auto host list I make no apology or secret for being an achievement hunter. I’ve relentlessly pursued an Xbox Achievement every day for over seven months, already – and I seem to be making a fairly good dent in my Steam Achievements of late as well (though they […]

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Shadow of the Remaster

Deep down, I think I’m part self-entitled millennial who enjoys shouting into the narcissistic void that the internet provides. This blog is good evidence of that. So it shouldn’t be any surprise that I waded in some internet comments this week in response to the coverage of the upcoming remaster Shadow of the Colossus. Full […]

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Click Click Click Click

I have been, unashamedly, been enjoying clickers lately. I first stumbled across Clicker Heroes a while ago when the genre was taking hold … originally not realising that you didn’t need to be logged on incessantly to farm gold (it’s also the main reason I left the game running for a few days straight, resulting […]

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7.8 Billion Reasons

The Interactive Games and Entertainment Association published the results of its local industry survey this week, concluding that video games industry in Australia employs 928 people full time, and contributes $118 million to the economy “in spite of limited recognition and support”. Source: IGEA (2018) The point of the survey is to communicate to Federal […]

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Left Click Right

Blogs. They really are the cockroaches of the internet aren’t they? For every pundit who thinks they have an opinion on something that they think people might want to hear, they seem to create a blog, and then shout into the echo chamber of Blogger or WordPress for a little while until they get bored […]

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